A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear little me, How ironic this is, we are so close to each other but we'll never meet. Hope you are doing well and why not... I mean you are that teenager butterfly who is roaming carefree. Nothing scares you except Mathematics. Life has shown me so many different colors, some good and some bad … Continue reading A Letter to my Younger Self

My Superhero lost his Cape!

          “Whoaaa!!! I am here, nothing's gonna hurt you, I’ll be your superhero!” you kept saying this and I kept believing…    I remember how you used to use an old bedsheet as a cape on your back, your legs straight apart and your hands on your west, your back straight and you, loudly saying “yeah, … Continue reading My Superhero lost his Cape!

Known Strangers

Let's talk!!             “Aahha! Whats up!” and yes I know, it’s the same dreary barren answer like as always, nothing more than that. And of course I’ll accept your regards and then...? Then nothing, life goes on. But don’t you think that we are the Known Strangers? Don’t you? Of course we are the “Known … Continue reading Known Strangers