Dear little me,

How ironic this is, we are so close to each other but we’ll never meet. Hope you are doing well and why not… I mean you are that teenager butterfly who is roaming carefree. Nothing scares you except Mathematics.

Life has shown me so many different colors, some good and some bad and so you do too. Today, you are just worried about your exams and you think that scoring good marks in exams will solve your all problems in life. No darling, life is not that simple as you are picturing it. There will be a lot more to come. And yes you are going to face it, you have to.

You are still that crazy bee who is waiting for a letter from Hogwarts. On your birthdays, how your little innocence thinks that the gifts wrapped in a glittery paper are more precious than the Blessings. But now, I always seek for Blessings. When I look at you and me, I found two of us sooo different. I see how much you love to engage with people, damn you extrovert! But things will change, now I love to spend my whole time alone and it has more peace and satisfaction. But you stay same, because people out there are very judgmental and if you change, they’ll pass a judgment and everyone else is going to agree on that. Yes but there are good people too, go get them. Good people? Arey, those who will accept you as you are and with them you don’t need to act perfectionist all the time, who gives you peace of mind, these people are hard to find but once you get them, stick to them.

Soon your life will be a Rollercoaster. You’ll fall in love, you’ll meet with heartbreaks, you’ll get your success stories and also the failure ones. So many ups and downs, you won’t understand whether to cry or laugh. But remember one thing, don’t repeat the mistake which I did. In this journey, opportunities and people will come and go… The only person who’s gonna stay along is YOU. So don’t lose yourself unlike me. I unnecessarily believed others rather than me and lost myself in this journey. Fortunately I got a chance and I again found myself somewhere in the way of healing. But this won’t happen always. So you’ve to put all the judgments and opinions of these people in trash and do whatever you want. Because at the end, You are the creator of your life, not that trash out there.

Anyways… I am doing well now. And yes we still have the same taste in almost everything. I still have kept your favorite blue jacket. I already finished watching Harry Potter, you too hurry. And yes idiot, if a spider bites you, you won’t get that Spiderman’s superpowers, so stop putting your hands in front of spiders, you dumb. And stop crying over little things, you yet to know but you are capable of much more than that. I lately became strong, but you, don’t take this long.

So much love, you deserve so much better than I had and that’s the reason I am writing you. I wish the older me would have written this to me earlier!

Lately grown up!