I always think that I know you, but then there you are to surprise me. I am a big fan of people being exactly who they are and then you are above them all.

 I often find you roaming alone on the roads who don’t need anyone’s company, who is happy in his own world. I always see you helping out the people around you without expecting anything in return. These selfless things are the most beautiful part of being you and it’s the aroma of your soul. Sometimes you being independent, very strong who just don’t care about anything, who is capable of doing things at himself, who is capable to sort everything out, the straighten you. Sometimes you being fun, the one who constantly giving positive vibes, the one who’s putting smiles on the faces, the one who’s spreading happiness.

 And then, there’s the other face of yours, the loner in the crowd which makes me think more and more about you, the completely different you, the other you who’s tired of being who you are! It’s you the one who tries to fit in, and always convincing himself that he has to!

Still there is something about you that awaits to be explored. Sometimes you hope people will find it. And it kills you that all of them don’t even notice it. May be you are not an introvert. You talk to people, they also like you because you are fun. But something is missing in those connections. You often end up with trying too hard and full of disappointments but you know that you have to take care of yourself, and so you does. It seems you are hiding thousands of emotions behind that fake smile, broken into pieces, who can’t fake a smile anymore and going to burst out loud, burst out like the rainy clouds.

 But then all of sudden, you again fake a smile and that smile too seems like so real and it seems nothing has happened to you, the same you, the strong you! And this is so rapid that don’t even give me a chance to recognize you. This is you whom I think I know, but always proves me wrong.

Darling, you are that book which requires to be read closely, you are the free soul who’s unknowingly giving the life lessons. The every single habit of yours is making everyone fall for you and you even don’t have an idea about it. People around you are noticing you and you are just unaware of it. The real soul. The souls like you deserves all the happiness in the world for being real.

People like me wanting to just be like you and then there’s you, above them all. We don’t talk too much, its just often. Still I can hear you.  How beautiful the way is through which I can talk to you without letting you know and I am so in love with this…


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