Let’s talk!!

            “Aahha! Whats up!” and yes I know, it’s the same dreary barren answer like as always, nothing more than that. And of course I’ll accept your regards and then…? Then nothing, life goes on. But don’t you think that we are the Known Strangers? Don’t you? Of course we are the “Known Strangers”. Actually, I don’t want to know ‘what’s up’, no not at all. Coz this is not enough. I hate those short talks. Let’s talk more than that, a bit more. Let’s talk about the universe, the far away galaxies, about the meaning of life, death, about magic and miracles, intellects and oceans and just keep talking about these things and let’s not stop.

            Let’s talk why we are becoming known strangers day by day. Let’s talk about what keeps you awake at night, your insecurities and fears, the ghosts of your inner self who haunts you for your own mistakes and convincing you that it all went wrong. About all the pains and gains. About all your heartbreaks and disappointments. Let’s talk about all the incomplete stories of yours and mine and let’s think how these stories can be started all along and come to a beautiful end. Let’s talk why we are so similar, so desolated and if we are then why we are not each other’s sympathizers! Let’s talk why you are so uneasy, restless and restive, why are you aghast, why are you being ravel, why are you just the way you are! let’s talk.

            Let’s bring all those things on your lips which are booming on your mind! Let’s talk about the breathtaking memories that still flashes on your eyes, all your flaws and your scars which you are denying to accept since so far. All that lies you’ve told and all that truths you are hiding in your heavy mind. About the music that makes you feel different, that song having its lyrics which are perfectly matching your situation and that music which makes you calm. About all the things that made your childhood adventurous. Let’s talk about all your dreams and desires, about your priorities and goals, your bucket list and wishes. Let’s just talk that even after knowing each other, why we are becoming known strangers.           

            I am a big fan of people with Depth, who speaks with that spark with an emotion from a twisted mind, who are the secret admirers. So just ‘what’s up’ is not enough. Cause I don’t want to know ‘what’s up’, Let’s talk a bit more than that!