The Commitment Dilemma

We all are afraid of our uncontrollable mind that runs wild and just brings the entire universe inside. Sometimes we are just scared of ourselves, if you stay alone, your own thoughts will haunt you, so you surround yourself by people or get involved into your work stuffs. But you cant run like this for your entire life. You have to take a stand, a stand for yourself. But darling, do you think you alone can do this? I mean running away from yourself and coming back to the same you, is it going to work?  

Then there’s kind of love, which saves you from this trap. No no, not that commitment type thing which you are afraid of. I know this is not a movie, I understand, you cant be as dedicated as Ross Geller and I cant be as perfect as Rachel green. Though I believe in Forever, commitment has always been a scary thought to me. Honestly, I mean when people come to me for the confession of their feelings, I wanted to run away far, though I respect their feelings, but m just unable to make it up. And so you are, not sure whether you will be able to fulfill them or not, right!

I know, these commitments and relationships are dreary sometimes, these are the things you should definitely scared of. So, don’t commit me, commitments are difficult when done with people, so just commit to evolving, I’ll meet you there. Commit to your ambitions, commit to healing, commit to taking care of yourself first and put me on your 2nd priority, because I want you to be your 1st  priority, and this is how it’s going to work.

You know, finding home in someone can be more beautiful. But do you know what “Home” really is? No, not that four walls and a roof. It’s the things or the people who makes you feel like home and not that concrete thing. Home, where you don’t have to act smarter, not to pretend perfect, its just you, the real you with all your comfort. Then why not try to find out this home, whether it may be in that song you never get bored of, may be your family, perhaps it’s the book you love or its that someone who genuinely cares for you with no judgements and all the kindness, who gives you that home like feeling.

There’s the kind of love where the judgements and demands are not going to play with your minds, you are free from that everything which makes you feel drowning, because here, what really matter is, that every inch of your smile, that spark in your eyes which should not be faded at any cost and that peace of mind which you were seeking for.

This is my kind of amour where, you don’t have to put on that heavy charm to do that extrovert’s things to get fit in in this chaotic world.

This is my kind of amour, where instead of the high heels and sneakers, those slippers, t-shirts and pajamas will still hit our priority lists. Instead of partying all night or making that wild trips, just for the sake of break, that break can be just staying home, watching our favorite series together, it may be repeating 28th time and still not getting bored and eating that last slice of pizza that will definitely going to give you that satisfaction and all the happiness and joys, you are seeking for since so far. Or it may be just an evening walk on the seashore while you pouring all your chaos, so that we can uplift each other or may be sitting under the dark skies full of stars where I can speak your language so you don’t need to spend a lifetime translating your soul.

Its not that hard as it seems to be! 🙂