“Whoaaa!!! I am here, nothing’s gonna hurt you, I’ll be your superhero!” you kept saying this and I kept believing…

   I remember how you used to use an old bedsheet as a cape on your back, your legs straight apart and your hands on your west, your back straight and you, loudly saying “yeah, I am your superhero!”

        I remember when I was maybe around 6 or 7 years old and I asked you to read a bedtime story! But you were too busy so you told me you’ll be there in ten minutes and told me to pick out my favorite story! Then after an hour you just realized what time it is and you came to the room and found me asleep on the chair, heading my head on the table, the lights still on and the story book in my tiny hands. You know what, I knew in my heart of hearts, you’ll read to me because you promised me that you will. You never apologized and I forgave you before I woke up… because you were my superhero!

             When mamma and papa scolded you, I used to stand with you in full of silence. My eyes wide and mouth open in shock as I wondered that what fault those two could possibly find in you. As you were superhero right! I’ve seen the worst of you but I always saw the best in you. I always found you as a joy as you were superhero who had the best cape and who was the strongest among all.

                When we were going to drop you at your best friend’s house, I came along! I was just so happy that finally its summer vacations and I was glad to be spending time with you, finally me and my sibling together, hash! No school, no nothing until we stopped and only you got out and you panicked as I struggled to follow because you didn’t wanted to spend your holiday babysitting. Then again you faked a promise “I’ll be back in few minutes… I promise!” and I believed as you were my superhero. I looked at you with those watery, tiny eyes with the purest emotion of missing someone into them.  But I knew you’ll be back soon because I used to believe that superheroes never lie and you didn’t came. That night I felt asleep asking a question to myself “Does superheroes really exists?” and I think, slowly, very slowly I stopped believing you!

                Did I just realized that the cape was just an old bedsheet? Can I say that you were the reason that I was a cynic at my fourteen? Superheroes don’t do that right! Superheroes aren’t like this. Slowly I realized you are not that superhero, you promised me you would be! Your superpowers failed. You were just a human with the fake cape, who’d bring chocolates in the exchange of your time, who’d give me a playhouse to keep me busy so that I won’t bother you. What kind of superheroes falls asleep like that when on duty? Tell me! That’s when I realized my superhero lost his superpowers! But maybe you were not wrong, the time was. You had your own problems you were fighting with.

                And hey now I am older, taller and stronger than before. I can take that Cape maybe, snuggle up under that cape and sit by the window and watch the city in the nighttime. May be I can fight that monsters all alone! Hey, turn out, maybe I am the one with the superpowers, I can be the superhero, in fact I am the one who’s going to save you. Cause my superhero lost his cape but yours… not yet and never will be, because I know my duties much better!